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Special alloys are so-called because they were developed for a specific purpose and are classified according to their intended use. Super Alloys are typically extremely strong and corrosion resistant, and they maintain these characteristics at elevated temperatures.


NILO is a nickel-iron binary alloy with varying amounts of nickel. The alloy NILO is referred to as a controlled-expansion alloy. Controlled expansion alloys exhibit a low expansion coefficient (at both low and high temperatures), as well as excellent ductility and toughness. Additionally, these alloys have excellent mechanical properties.
The NILO alloys are classified according to their nickel content: NILO 36, NILO 42, NILO 48, and NILO alloy K. NILO 42 alloy contains 42 percent nickel and exhibits a low and constant thermal expansion coefficient from room temperature to approximately 300°C (570°F). Strip, wire, tube, and sheet are all available in NILO 42 alloy.

This datasheet will look into the chemical composition, properties and applications of NILO 42 alloy.

Chemical Composition :

Element Content (%)
Iron, Fe 55
Nickel, Ni 42
Others Remainder

Mechanical Properties :

Properties Metric Imperial
Tensile strength (@sheet and strip 0.5 to 6.4 mm) 490 MPa 71 ksi
Yield strength (@rod, bar, forgings > 100 mm) 250 MPa 36.3 ksi
Modulus of elasticity 150 GPa 21755 ksi


The NILO 42 alloy is used in the following applications:

  • Semiconductor lead frames in integrated         circuits
  • Bi-metal thermostat strip
  • Bi-metal strip, thermostats
  • Thermostat rods
  • Ceramic-to-metal seals
  • Glass-to-metal seals for television tubes,         fluorescent lights
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