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High-performance alloys are created to meet the demands of specific applications. These alloys are frequently optimised for specific properties such as corrosion resistance, strength, toughness, and ductility in a wide range of applications, such as aerospace and military applications. In terms of metallurgy and its applications, we have a wealth of knowledge. When selecting an alloy, our experts make certain that it is not only resistant to extreme environments but also meets the specific requirements of the customer.

The titanium industry's workhorse alloy is this alpha-beta composition. Titanium grade 5 has excellent tensile properties at room temperature and excellent creep resistance up to 300 oC. The material exhibits exceptional resistance to fatigue and crack propagation. As is the case with the majority of titanium alloys, Grade 5 exhibits exceptional corrosion resistance in the majority of natural and industrial process environments.

Due to this alloy's ability to be aged and hardened, it is an excellent choice for springs and fasteners.

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  • ASTM-B-815,02(2011),UNS$ R31233

Chemical Analysis :

Component Wt. %
Coa 54%
Ni 9%
Fe 3%
Mn 0.8%
N 0.8%
Cr 26%
Mo 5%
W 2%
Si 0.3%
C 0.06%

Physical Properties :

Physical Properties Metric English
Density 8.47 g/cm3 0.306 lb/in³
Melting Temperature 2430-2470 oF 1332-1354 oC

Mechanical Properties :

Tensile Strength, Ultimate 147 Ksi
Elongation at Break 38 % 38 %
Diamond Pyramid Hardness 296
Rockwell Hardness Rc 30


The following are some of the major applications of Ultimet UNSR-312:

  • Flue gas scrubber components,
  • Pulp and paper industry,
  • Sulfuric acid coolers,
  • Seawater equipment
  • Waste incinerators
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