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HVD-1 is the name of a mega-duplex stainless steel that has been made for making fertiliser. A lot of it is made up of Cr (24.0–28.0 percent), Ni (2.0–3.00 percent), Mo (7.5–9.5 percent), and Cu (1.0–2.0 percent). It's most similar to Ferralium 255, which is made up of the same things. As it is no longer made or kept in stock, Ferralium 255 is a good choice as an alternative to HVD-1. HVD-1 is often used to make valves, pumps, and other process equipment used in the production of urea and fertiliser. These companies are usually making parts for plants made by companies like Stamicarbon, Snamprogretti, Thyssenkrupp, and Toyo. These licensees can usually use a wide range of metals, including ferralium 255, which is known to work well in fertiliser production because of its resistance to acids.

In high-corrosive environments, HVD1 is a highly corrosive austenitic-ferritic special material that has been developed for use. The corrosion resistance of austenitic CrNiMo steels is combined with the mechanical properties of austenitic CrNiMo steels in this material. When there are high demands for fatigue strength, it is especially important to have high levels of resilience. Solution-annealed HVD1 is the primary application for this material. It is in this state that corrosion resistance and toughness are at their highest levels. When solution-annealed strength properties don't meet the needs of a certain construction, this material can be hardened to a strength of about 880–1000 N/mm2 by heating it up, which makes it more durable




Schmelz -Nr Heat-No Esu Steelmaking Process
C Si Mn P S Cr Mo Ni Cu
min 24.00 7,5 2,00 1,00
max 0,10 1,0 2,0 0,040 0,030 28,00 9,5 3,00 2,00
lst 0,010 0,237 1350 0,029 0,004 25,21 2,470 8,18 1,460
min 0,100
max 0,300
lst 0,300

Mechanical properties
Test No Probe/Test Rm[Mpa] Rm[Mpa] A % Z % KVJ 2 KV2miltel (J) Hardness
thickness   LagePos     Temp                                           °C
0.2%     1% A     A4 Z%
MIN mm                                       RT 880 540                    12                    270B
MIN mm                                       RT 1100 540                                       320B
740 10,0                   L                    22 982 656                   27                   48 304 HB

Heat Treatment Condition
1080° c Solution annealed /water
480° c aged +AT+P

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