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Nickel alloys are metals that are made by mixing nickel with another element as the major component. It mixes two materials to provide more desirable qualities such as improved strength and resistance to corrosion. Because of its unique qualities, it's used in a wide range of equipment across numerous sectors. Apex Metal India is a significant supplier and stockiest of nickel in all grades.

The Inconel 601 nickel-chromium-iron alloy is a versatile engineering material resistant to heat and corrosion. Inconel 601's high temperature oxidation resistance is unique. It is also resistant to aqueous corrosion, strong, and easily formed, machined, and welded.

Table 1 shows Inconel 601's limiting chemical composition. Face-centered cubic solid solution with high metallurgical stability. The alloy's nickel base and high chromium content make it resistant to corrosive media and high temperatures. Aluminum increases oxidation resistance.

Chemical Requirements :

- Ni Cr C Mn Si S Fe
Max 63.0 25.0 0.10 1.0 1.0 0.015 Bal
Min 58.0 21.0

Mechanical Property :

Ultimate Tensile Yield Strength (0.2% OS) Elong. in 2 in. or 50mm or 4D, min., % R/A Hardness
Cold Worked/As worked
Min 80 KSi 30 KSi 30
Min 550 MPa 205 MPa
Hot Worked/As Worked
Min 80 KSi 30 KSi 30
Min 550 MPa 205 MPa


  • Trays, baskets and fixtures used in various heat treatments such as carburizing and carbon nitriding.
  • Refractory anchors, strand annealing and radiant tubes, high velocity gas burners, wire mesh belts etc.
  • Insulating cans in ammonia reformers and catalyst support grids used in nitric acid production.
  • Thermal reactors in exhaust system of petrol engines.
  • Fabricated combustion chambers.
  • Tube supports and ash trays in the power generation industry.
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