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Nickel and chromium are the primary constituents of NIMONIC 80 alloys. These alloys are well-known for their resistance to creep and high performance at elevated temperatures. Aluminium, carbon, and titanium are incorporated into the alloy.

In 1940, England pioneered the development of the NIMONIC alloy. NIMONIC 75, NIMONIC 80A, 81, 86, NIMONIC PE11, and 16 are commercially available NIMONIC alloys.

NIMONIC alloy 80A is a cast, age-hardened alloy reinforced with titanium, aluminium, and carbon. It is made by melting metal at a high frequency and casting it into the air. It has a similar composition to NIMONIC alloy 75. It is resistant to corrosion and oxidation. At 815°C (1500°F), the creep rupture and tensile properties are excellent.
The chemical composition, properties, and applications of NIMONIC alloy 80A are discussed.

Chemical Requirements :

Element Content(%)
Nickel, Ni 69
Chromium, Cr 18-21
Iron, Fe ≤3
Cobalt, Co ≤2
Titanium, Ti 1.8-2.7
Aluminum, Al 1.0-1.8
Others Remainder

Mechanical Property :

Properties Metric Imperial
Tensile strength (annealed) 1250 MPa 181 ksi
Yield strength (annealed) 780 MPa 113 ksi
Elongation at break (annealed prior to test) 30% 30%


  • Gas turbine engineering
  • Automobile exhaust valves
  • Die-casting inserts and cores
  • Nuclear boiler tube parts.
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