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UNS N08810 / UNS N08811 - Incoloy 800 H is an iron-nickel-chromium alloy having the same basic composition as Incoloy 800, with significantly higher creep rupture strength. The higher strength results from close control of carbon, aluminum and titanium contents in conjunction with a high temp anneal.

The 800H modification was to control carbon (0.05 to 0.10%) and grain size to (>ASTM 5) to optimize stress rupture properties. Incoloy 800 H has further modifications to the combined titanium and aluminum levels (0.85 to 1.2%) to ensure optimum high temperature properties.

The alloy is dual certified and combines the properties of both forms. The chemical balance allows the alloy to exhibit excellent resistance to carburization, oxidation and nitriding atmospheres. 800HT will not become embrittled even after long periods of usage in the 1200-1600 deg F range where many stainless steels become brittle.

INCOLOY alloys belong to the category of super austenitic stainless steels. Nickel, chromium, and iron serve as the basis metals, with molybdenum, copper, nitrogen, and silicon serving as additions. These alloys are notable for their high strength at high temperatures and resistance to corrosion in a variety of hostile conditions.

Nickel, iron, and chromium make up INCOLOY alloy 800. Even after prolonged exposure to high temperatures, the alloy is capable of remaining stable and preserving its austenitic structure. The alloy also has strong resistance to oxidising, reducing, and aqueous conditions, as well as exceptional strength. Round, flats, forging stock, tube, plate, sheet, wire, and strip are the most common forms of this alloy.

This datasheet will look into the chemical composition, properties and applications of INCOLOY 800.

Chemical Requirements :

Element Content(%)
Iron, Fe ≥39.5
Nickel, Ni 30-35
Chromium, Cr 19-23
Manganese, Mn ≤1.5
Others Remainder

Mechanical Property :

Properties Metric Imperial
Tensile strength(annealed) 600 MPa 87 ksi
Yield strength(annealed) 275 MPa 39.9 ksi
Elongation at Break 45% 45%


  • Heat exchangers
  • Carburising equipment
  • Heating elements
  • Sheathing and nuclear steam generator tubing.
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